Bungling and NOT Bad Luck

Bungling and NOT Bad Luck The entire Nation mourns the martyrdom of seven valiant soldiers who died fighting with utmost courage and fortitude. They ended up paying with their lives, NOT BECAUSE OF “THEIR BAD LUCK,” but for lapses and self-serving egotism right up the hierarchy. The HM-NSA duo, driven by hubris and turf considerations, (mis)applied distantly-located NSG, rather than utilizing battle-hardened troops right next door, which as per extant SOPs are always earmarked and undertake frequent rehearsals.  Will those … Continue reading

Pathankot Attack – Some Troubling Questions

Pathankot Attack – Some Troubling Questions Even as I write this, the operation to neutralize Pakistani terrorists and to sanitize Pathankot Airbase is still on, although ironically the Home Minister had announced its “success” over 12 hours back. His singing the all-too-familiar paeans to the “brave jawans” and promising a “muh tor jawab,” were not-so-subtle, self-laudatory signals to the Nation that a catastrophe had been averted under his watch, since both the PM and RM were away. In distant Bengaluru, … Continue reading

Let us Restore Civility to Our Public Discourse

Let us Restore Civility to Our Public Discourse Why has our Public Discourse become so intemperate, offensive, and abusive? TV debates have been reduced to slanging bouts, wherein even s0-called mature adults try to outshout others and unabashedly hurl insults at them. Shockingly, even women are no exception and many of them frequently resort to heckling to drown out opponents’ voices. Hardly anyone can endure, for instance, the daily tamasha that Arnab Goswami presides over. His verbosity, pretentious rants, and … Continue reading

Happy New Year

I wish all my readers, friends, and family A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. May you all enjoy the best of health, happiness, love, success, and fulfillment with your loved ones all through 2018.

Operation Jantar Mantar

The Paperback version of my book, ‘Operation Jantar Mantar’, is now also available along with its eBook version at Amazon.in. (Double-click the link below).  Amazon.in/Jantar Mantar Synopsis A small group of retired military officers from the Indian Armed Forces come together to contribute to the ongoing struggle of Veterans for honour and justice. It is virtually a rollercoaster ride for them as they respond to a series of sudden and unexpected developments. By re-strategizing and nimbly executing course-corrections, they bounce back … Continue reading

Current Geopolitical Environment

The 21st Century geopolitical landscape is characterized by the Complex Interdependence framework, wherein geopolitical, economic, and national security dimensions are more intertwined than ever before in history. The inordinate increase in terrorist strikes worldwide, and the establishment of anIslamic Caliphate that is envisaged to transcend national boundaries, threaten the extant world order. Likewise, the increasing socio-economic divide and unrest within countries, along with religious polarization in countries that have sizeable Muslim populations, also have international ramifications in today’s interconnected world. … Continue reading

Election-year Madness and the Soldier

Election-year Madness and the Soldier  Willy-nilly I have got sucked into the current election-year madness, where reasoned debate has given way to insults, innuendos, and dogmatic drivel. Even though writing this blog is a major distraction from work on my forthcoming book, “India at Sixty Seven – At Sixes and Sevens,” nonetheless, this also provides me an opportunity to gather differing viewpoints, which would be invaluable for my book. Let me start with the customary DISCLAIMER. I have NO political affiliations; have … Continue reading