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  • “Deepak Sethi is a skillful narrator who presents a powerful and heartwarming story—the story of his life and his wonderful family in two cultures and continents—a military career in his native India and an academic career in his adopted new home in the U.S. But it is much more than a moving and riveting family story; it is true testimony that He is in charge. When we work to bring out the best in ourselves and others—our divine potential—the dots will meet and our lives will have meaning. Beautiful!”

Frank T. Rothaermel 

The Catherine W. and Edwin A. Wahlen, Jr.
Professor of Strategic Management & Sloan Industry Studies Fellow
Scheller College of Business
Georgia Institute of Technology


  • “Dr. Sethi’s writing is unmatched. This is an amazing tale of his perseverance and success”

CDR Richard Morrison USN (Ret)


Pacific Book Review

  •  He Opens Another Door is the autobiographical account of the life of Deepak Sethi, a retired Brigadier General of the Indian Army and now professor of business studies and international management. Sethi’s memoir claims in its subtitle that it is a “fascinating saga of courage and perseverance in adversity,” and the claim is not made without truth. Deepak Sethi has lived a fascinating life. His memoir accounts several moments from his 31 years of military service—a career that made him a veteran of the India-Pakistan War of 1971, commander of an artillery regiment in a high altitude sector on the border of India and China, and the commander of an artillery brigade on the border with Pakistan. However, Sethi’s military career is not the only fascination. It is his strong faith and determination for success that carries this book. In his book, Sethi discusses his struggles to help his children succeed in their schooling and careers, his own academic pursuits, and the fateful day his destiny was changed—the day his wife fell ill—with as much fervor as his accounts of military intrigue. It is apparent from his memoir that Sethi believes all aspects of life should be approached with passion and integrity.
  • As the title suggests, Deepak Sethi has a firm belief in God and that God has a plan for his life. Sethi’s religious background is in Hinduism, and while he states several times that he doesn’t consider himself a rigid believer, his book highlights a deep and abiding faith that someone is watching over him. His story is a refreshing take on religion. Rather than attempting to force an opinion on readers, he simply shows the points in his life where one door closed in his life and another opportunity presented itself. After reading his memoir, it is not difficult to believe that God could have a “Grand Schema” (the phrase Sethi chooses to label God’s special plan) for his life. Regardless of a reader’s belief, Sethi’s faith and ability to share his beliefs in such an approachable way should be commended.
  • The one flaw in Deepak Sethi’s storytelling is that he simply tells too much of the story. While much of his personal journey is fascinating, there are some aspects that can be a little long and take away from what the author was trying to convey to the reader. While some of the trials of obtaining visas and preparing for travels included in the book are entertaining, it is not necessary for the reader to have to trudge through every detail. It does not matter what forms must be filled out, what offices must obtain them, etc. These details should be saved for how-to guides. The same can be said for the details of academic projects and processes. It should be recommended that the author condense his memoir down to the most pertinent and interesting information. However, As the last chapter does convey, the book is an honest review of his life, with all the author’s frailties as well as the strengths nurtured from his family and military upbringing.
  • Much of Deepak Sethi’s memoir is very entertaining, engaging and his story of resilience and determination is inspiring. He writes about his views of the world with an honesty that can be admired. This book is for anyone who needs to be reminded when a door closes there are several more waiting to be opened; hope should never be lost. Hardships may occur but He Opens Another Door shows that with faith, wisdom, love, and a fair share of stubbornness a rewarding and successful life is possible for anyone.
Title: He Opens Another Door
Author:   Deepak Sethi
Publisher:  Author House
ISBN: 978-1-4817-7169-6 
Pages:  287, Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle
Genre:  Non-fiction/Memoir
Reviewed by:  Tania Staley, Pacific Book Review 

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