About this Site

Through Musings across Time and Space I seek to share some of my thoughts and experiences in two countries on the opposite ends of the globe, covering a time-span of almost seven decades. More importantly, I hope it provides a forum for an interesting and stimulating exchange of ideas on contemporary political, economic, and security issues confronting us.

world_pol495 Given the complex interdependence that characterizes the Twenty-first century world, the canvas of topics under discussion will be wide. However, as the byline of this site indicates, the focus would mainly be on India, United States, and China, who would be the leading players in the emerging geopolitical dynamic. Most Think Tanks project that these countries would hold the top three positions globally, in terms of the size of their economies, military power, and intellectual capital all through this century. chessboard

My interest in these topics and countries stems from several factors. India is the country of my birth, where I served in the Indian Army for 31 years and took early retirement in 1997 in the rank of Brigadier. Throughout this period China was, and remains, an adversary – the two countries having fought a war in 1962. Almost throughout the same period, Indo-US relationship though not exactly adversarial, was not too comfortable either. The United States viewed India as being too close to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, notwithstanding India’s professed non-aligned status. On the other hand, India did not view too kindly United States lavishing generous military and economic aid upon archenemy Pakistan. In the Academia now 2A

Since 1998, I have been a part of US academia, initially while working on my PhD in Strategy and International Management from the University of Texas at Dallas, and thereafter teaching at three US universities. It is therefore stimulating to meld the national security perspective with that of the international political economy, so as to get a more holistic view of the geopolitical landscape.

The plot gets interesting since in the discourse among US strategists, corporate honchos, and academics alike, China is deemed an economic and military rival, despite it being the largest trade partner. Likewise, Indo-US and Sino-Indian relationships too are marked by striking congruence as well as conflict of interests on diverse global issues. How these three would  tango among themselves, and also with other actors on the world stage, thus promises to be a fascinating spectacle to watch and intellectually rewarding to discuss.